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Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 63)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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...in the ring weren't his friends he was more aggressive in the ring than he was with his friends. Howard was lost. Robin said she thinks Hulk held back with Heather. Hulk said everything was off. He felt guilty about being there.

Howard asked, "What mine is yours...that was awfully nice of him, wasn't it?" in relation to Bubba. Hulk said Bubba and him talked about it for two years, eventually asking him to stop. After Hulk bottomed out (saynig he hit that point before the divorce, knowing his marriage was screwed up), he said ok. No excuses, but he was beaten down like a dog. His wife had made a decision to move to California and he was f-this and f-that. He went to Bubba's to hang out...and the hell with it. It was a huge, horrible decision. Never in a million years did he think there was a camera.

Hulk said Bubba and her were on the same page...and Hulk said it happened twice but probably not three times. Howard asked if he thinks Bubba taped it. Hulk said if he did, he was never his friend, and they have talked about it over and over. He is keeping an open mind. Howard asked if someone could have planted the camera. Hogan said he is not pointing a finger (Bubba's radio producer, someone on his staff).

Hulk said he told Bubba, "Your're my friend, I have asked you several times to the point where I am embarrassed, but I'm asking you again and I wanna know if you had anything to do with this because I am getting ready to hand this over to the Attorney General." Hulk explained to Bubba he has a family and that's why he is asking. If he did do it, he never was his friend and the way he might go forward depending on Bubba's honesty because of his family. Hulk said in his heart he believes he wouldn't do this to him. Hulk said he absolutely is pressing charges because he has to find out who did this to him.

Hulk said he was trying to be cool at first, and Howard says Jennifer (his wife) can't be happy with what has happened. When the little pictures came out, it rattled his world. He said he tried to stop it (letters, attorneys, etc). He prays to God that Jennifer would hang on. He got a phone call from his wife right before a TNA taping that his cousin had called her regarding the tape.

Howard said he thinks Hulk doesn't come off bad, and Heather comes off worse as women will judge her worse. Hulk: "For two years, Heather and Bubba said how cool this was. No problem. Bubba was saying it was cool. Heather was relentless. 'I wanna see your thing, I wanna f-you'" Hulk said she is either not happy because she is embarrassed, or she is happy for the financial gain, no in between. He said it would be a great surprise if it wasn't either one of them.

Howard asked if the sex was great and if it was worth it. Hulk says nothing is worth this and this is and it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. He doesn't even remember the sex. When Hulk was finished with Heather and left the room, Hulk said everything was normal like nothing ever happened. Hulk said it's a sad thing that he did that being so far down and out. Howard said its not a question of getting women, it was a comfort thing. Hulk said he was so beat up personally because of his marriage it was a timing thing. He has never been that mentally down and beat up.

Howard asked if this is the weirdest thing he ever has been in: Hulk mentioned the dog and pony show with Vince McMahon's steroid trial, but this? He feels completely safe with Howard Stern. This has turned his world upside down. Howard said he is not coming off weird, and what he did is not that bad.

Hulk is totally devastated and it has destroyed his world. He prays Jennifer can hang in there with him. Howard agrees. No one wants to hear about ex's. Jennifer's family member called her and Hulk was blindsided with it in a TNA production meeting with the information. Howard asked if he has called Heather. Hulk said he doesn't have Heather's number. He said that once he turns it over to the Attorney General's office, it's out of his hands. His attorney and him were on the phone until 3am last night with this. Whomever released the tape is also responsible.

Vivid has called Hulk for the release