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Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 63)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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...of the video. Howard asked why Hulk hasn't done it...if its gonna be and generate millions of dollars, why not? Hulk said he can't see that happening. Hulk talked about reality show people who sign off on their sex tapes, and he hasn't even considered it. What happened here was a crime. Whoever set that camera off has committed a crime. Howard asked if he has requested a lie detector test from Heather and Bubba. He said he hasn't, but everyone should take one, including himself. Howard offered them the chance to do it on his show. Can you imagine?

Robin asked if he had ever told Jennifer about what had happened. No, says Hogan. F-no, said Howard. Robin said it shakes a woman...you think you know someone. Howard asked if he is afraid Jennifer is going to leave him. He prays to God not. Hulk says Jennifer was upset and shaking to the bone since she was caught off guard by her cousin who called her, he thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown. This has affected his relationship with Bubba. The only saving grace he has is thank God this happened before he met Jennifer. It's the only pure and real thing he has ever had, is with Jennifer.

Howard asked who the hell would put a black and white camera in there? He said he would have put a three camera setup in there, and at least have it in color. Hulk said he can see how somebody would not want to face this and jump off the Empire State Building. Howard asked if Hulk is suicidal. "Not at all," Hogan replied.

Hulk said he and Bubba are still good friends. He talked to him the day before yesterday or yesterday. He told him, "This is going down." Bubba is in full support and prays to God its not Heather. Robin said everyone will be questioned and the AG has their ways. Hulk said when people with badges start threatening jail time, people will start talking.

Howard asked if Hulk broke the man code. Hulk said the bro-code between him and Bubba wasn't broken, but the moral code was broken. He wasn't tripping on drugs, he made the decision, and it was the worst decision he ever made. He is not proud of it. Howard reminded Hulk he went back a second time. Hulk asked to be in his shoes for a day, going through what he has gone through. Hulk said his kids are cool with this. Howard said live and learn. Hulk said what a stupid, stupid decision. He has never been destroyed this personally.

Why was it so important to Bubba? Hulk doesn't know, but said again that Heather was relentless. Robin said that the reports are that Heather is devastated. Howard doesn't think she released the tape. Hulk said she is a great mother, a gorgeous knockout lady who is always nice to him and his family. Howard said she is good in bed, too! Hulk told him to stop, he is brutal.

Howard asked if he wore a condom. Hulk asked him to stop. Again he asked, again he asked him to stop. Again...Hulk said yes. Then he said again that Howard is brutal. He is going to start pleading the 5th.

Howard then PRAISED Hogan's tripod and wishes he was half the man he is. NSFW. Lets just say that Howard honestly wishes he was half the man that Hulk was. He is impressed.

Robin was concerned with the amount of tanning Hogan has. Howard is worried about skin cancer. Hulk said he has a sun bed at his house but doesn't lay in it, because the sun turns him purple. He doesn't lay out naked in the sun. Howard then compliments Hogan's muscular butt. Hulk referenced America's Got Talent and asked where Howard's wedding ring was. Howard said he has a tattoo instead of a ring. Its permanent. Hulk said, "Yeah, I had one of those too...I got rid of that." They all had a good laugh.

Howard mentioned Linda Hogan's DUI and how the heat is off of him a bit, and the breakup with her boyfriend. Hulk said thank God nobody got hurt. Hulk said, "I've already been there, done that."

TNA's big event on Sunday is mentioned and Howard asked if its going to be the biggest TNA PPV event ever. Hulk said instead of dropping the legdrop he may drop his tripod. Hulk said he has been fighting the TNA name for two years. Bound For Glory was finally called by its name and is plugged this Sunday.

Howard asked about how Hulk Hogan was offered the lead role in "The Wrestler." He