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Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 63)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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...said its true and is grateful he didn't do it since Mickey Rourke did such a great job. No Holds Barred was referenced (along with Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando). He said in the movie, the wrestler slept in his van for a day. Hogan did it for two years he said. Three pills in the bottle? Hogan had 2,000 pills in his car! Hogan said he turned down Robin Hood Men in Tights and the lead in The Highlander. Howard said, "Well you're starring in a new film now!" They all laughed. Hogan said that he was worried if he left at the height of Hulkahamania, his spot may not be there when he got back.

Howard asks how Linda got 73 percent of the divorce settlement. Hulk said he just wanted that part of his life over. He said Linda has sent horrible emails regarding the sex tape. Howard says after the 73 percent it would have been nice if Linda would've said she's sorry for what has happened. Hulk said that would have been nice. Hulk said Brooke doesn't read half the emails she gets nowadays.

Eric from Sacramento was put on the air (a kid in a wheelchair). He asked to come to Phoenix to come to the PPV. Hulk asks if he has money for airfare, because he is totally tapped. Howard asked Eric if he feels bad for asking Hulk that. Eric says "Yeah." The crew laughs. Hulk said if he was in Phoenix VIP treatment would have happened.

Nick from Lake Tahoe called as BFG was plugged again. Howard said he hopes he gets 25 percent of the action after all of this. Nick asked if Heather can come in studio. Howard says he doesn't know how you find out who released the tape. Who has the tape right now, Nick asked. The both says that Vivid has the video and has cut the deal already. Hogan cites "anonymous sources" and said it's a setup.

Hanzi called in and said if Hogan's acting was as good as Suburan Commando he would've won an Oscar. Backstage politics were brought up as the caller asked if every person who who as talked about him is wrong? The caller said he wouldn't put anything past him. Hogan called him crazy.

Mary-Ann from Brooklyn called and fawned over Hogan. Phone calls during sex? The doo-rag? Not on? Her life is so boring compared to his! She said she still does laundry every day, but not that way, and would be offended if he took a phone call during....

Howard asked if the stuff during the phone call wasn't that good? Hogan says "Um..."

Kevin called and asks who gave a better "phone call" experience. Linda, Heather, or Brutus Beefcake? Hogan said if he said Brad Pitt or Kevin Costner was a homosexual, do you think he would be in trouble? They all agreed yes. How can his ex-wife get away with it then? Hogan said he was about to sue and then "something happened." It sounded like a settlement. Howard said he put to bed any homosexual rumors. Hogan said over the years certain women can get a little crazy (hitting you on the butt, hand down your pants) but if he did that what would happen?

Leon Spinks called in (parody) and was is inaudible. Hogan couldn't understand and Howard said, "Don't make fun of the Champ!" They all laughed.

Impact Wrestling was plugged for Thursday night and Howard wondered if the fans will heckle him. Hogan prays to God not. Hogan talked about Rolling Stone coming down for an interview awhile back and talked about his OJ comment. "53 year old wife with an 18 year old guy...don't condone it, I would never do it, but I can understand how OJ did what he did..." and magazines sold!

Balls called in and said he feels bad about his tripod...makes him feel like an older woman."

Linda Hogan called in (parody) and screamed, f-this and that to Hogan. Hogan said, "That was good morning!"

Howard said he knows he is in pain. Hogan said Howard made him smile. He wants to find out who did this. The lie detector was re-offered. Howard told him to stay focused. No matter, the other crap going on in his life, BFG is this Sunday. Hulk asked if another script like "The Wrestler" can be sent to him. Hulk talked about the movement to put him in "The Expendables 3." He thinks it would be so cool.

Howard asked if famous people have called him offering support. He and Robin mentioned Sylvester and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hogan said yes, but bigger than Arnold. Howard said at least Hulk