Chris jericho f
Chris Jericho
Christopher Keith Irvine
  • Birthdate: 11/09/1970 (age 44)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 227 Ib

Chris Jericho is one of the most decorated wres...

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-- Chris Jericho recently answered fan questions on Twitter. When asked is he was retiring soon, he stated "No Way!" He was also asked if he would always stay with WWE and stated, "I'll never wrestle for anybody else."

-- John Laurinaitis was advertised for the Australian WWE tour as recently as this week, but was taken off the list of superstars on the WWE Live Events page. David Otunga has been advertised to appear as well, in what may be his first appearance after filming The Hive. Laurinaitis is currently working as a producer/agent on house shows so he will be able to appear when needed.

-- AWA Wrestling returns to ESPN Classic on Sunday night at midnight.

-- Karl Gotch was born on this date in 1924. He died on July 28, 2007.