Jason Genova sent this one in: Hi Ryan just thought id let you know that tonight's Monday night RAW at the IZOD center is another legitimately sold out event. Ticketmaster has no tickets left.

Eric from Houston sent this one along: Don't know if anyone caught this cause they were in the bathroom, but I was at mania last night and during Diddy's performance he said that wrestlemania started in New York in 1995!!!! He caught a ton of heat for that especially in my section

Ranjit Chahal sent this one along: Hey Ryan, I ordered Wrestlemania through WWE.com and as you already know the streams went down due to some issues. They're willing to give a refund. I received an email from WWE and here's what they said:

"Dear Ranjit,

Thank you for your purchase of the WrestleMania XXIX event.

We apologize for the technical difficulties that you experienced during the event, and we are in the process of providing you a full refund. The refund should be reflected on your credit card very shortly.

Thanks again for your support. "