Jake roberts
Jake Roberts
Aurelian Smith, Jr.
  • Birthdate: 05/30/1955 (age 60)
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 249 Ib

Jake "The Snake" Roberts often brought snakes i...

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-- Jake "The Snake" Roberts posted the following update on Twitter:

"247 lbs not since 1993 life is good. I do remember when I could look forward to each day expecting to accomplish goals"

A big congrats to "The Snake" for sticking with DDP's program and trying to change his life around. Hopefully the same thing will happen with Scott Hall in the coming months.

-- Devin Cutting sent this in: WWE Vintage Collection on January 4th, 2013 featured these matches & classic moments from past episodes of Monday Night Raw:

* Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair (January 25th, 1993)

* Marty Jannetty & The 1-2-3 Kid vs. The Quebecers (January 10th, 1994)

* The Kid Upsets Razor Ramon (May 17th, 1993)

* Doink Soaks Bobby Heenan (September 13th, 1993)

* Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid (September 11th, 1995)

Go to http://wherewrestlinghappens.tk for info about upcoming shows. A big thanks to Devin for all his hard work in 2012 and into 2013. He's our pro wrestling live event "go-to" guy!

-- Here are some highlight videos from this week's WWE SmackDown broadcast: