Jake roberts
Jake Roberts
Aurelian Smith, Jr.
  • Birthdate: 05/30/1955 (age 61)
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 249 Ib

Jake "The Snake" Roberts often brought snakes i...

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Jake Roberts recently appeared on Busted Open Radio, here are the highlights…

On being proud about returning to the WWE on Old School RAW and dealing with obstacles that come up in his life: Big time. Big time. You gotta deal with each moment; that's part of sobriety. Is taking the hard stuff in the face and laying it out in front of you. And saying okay, here's where I go from there. Before it was just an F that and got drunk, got high. And woke up three days later with more problems. That's the funny thing about drugs and alcohol. There's no problem that gets better when you get high. It will be back.

On having a lot of challenges to overcome in his life and heading in the right direction: Yeah, man. Oh god brother, it's--life is so wonderful, man. I mean it's great to wake up in the morning and remember what you did the night before. It's also great to wake up knowing that you have kids that love you and grandchildren that love you and they're not ashamed of you anymore. And they don't have to check in with you to make sure that you are in the visiting mode. Because there were a lot of days, man that I wouldn't answer the phone. A lot of days that I didn't want to talk to anybody. And a lot of days you didn't want to see me. It was just a point for me where it got to; I took down all the mirrors in my house cause I didn't want to look at my stupid ass. And what I became. But having said that; I've been to a lot of rehabs. Compliments of WWE. But I've also been to a few jails, but I never met anybody in a place who said you know what, Jake? When I was a kid, my dream was to grow up and become a drug addict or an alcoholic. Nobody dreams of that. Nobody wants that. But that's the animal you invite into your house man, if you start doing the wrong thing. People often say, "Well Jake, why did you do drugs?" Cause I liked that stuff! I liked it! It was cool for a while. A short while. But at some point, it no longer became a choice to do that drug or drink. It was a necessity. And as soon as it became a necessity, it takes the life away from you and it owns your life. So guys and girls out there, don't be a stupid snake and do that stuff. Because sooner or later, you're gonna pay the piper. If you do the dance, somebody's gonna pay the fiddler, okay? And that's that. Okay, now let's move on to happy shit.

On if he ever thought there would be a time where he would be walking down the aisle again for the WWE: No, god no. No, I'd already given up on that man. That was one of the hardest things about getting sober was looking at the carnage I'd created. And remembering some of these statements--oh my god! I must've been so F upped. But you know what a drug addict or an alcoholic can justify any sin. I can justify murder when I'm high. I can justify rape when I'm high. I can justify anything when I'm wanting my dope. And that's the sickness. And some of the stuff I said about WWE and McMahon and anybody else up there, was just me lashing out because of my hate for myself. That's not an excuse to do it. It shows me how big they are; not only to pay for rehab for an asshole that's going out here and blasting the hell out of them, but they also--for them to open the door and say "Dude, come back." And it's like are you serious? Cause I had given up on that. I'd truly given up on them--I gave up on the Hall Of Fame, I gave up on everything. Like you know, what the hell man; Koko B. Ware's there and I'm not? Are you serious? Geez. Warrior? Christ, man. That really hurts.

On the Ultimate Warrior going into the Hall of Fame this year; how his and Warrior's career can't be compared: I know, man! I know that. But maybe they're taking in assholes and not great talent. I don't know.

On WrestleMania 30 being in New Orleans this year; wanting to get into the Hall of Fame: I know. If I was writing a book and I wanted a perfect ending; which I did write a book. About my life. It'll be coming out about April 1st, man. Because of my...