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Jim Ross
James William Ross
  • Birthdate: 01/03/1952 (age 63)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Jim Ross is an American professional wrestling ...

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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry. Check out the highlights:

On RAW: "Monday Night Raw was a unique 'go home' broadcast. The A.J. 'love triangle' story has played out nicely and one can assume that the pay off of that matter will be this Sunday at the MITB PPV. I'm not a big fan of non referees donning the striped shirt at anytime and especially in a WWE Title match but I will admit that the scenario has been intriguing. Something has to give Sunday but I would hate to see CM Punk's impressive WWE Title reign end on an unbalanced female's decision."

On Money in the Bank Matches: "As a former administrator working with talent in WWE, I always figuratively held my breath when Money in the Bank Ladder Matches were booked. There's very little in the way of preparation that one can do and, as I said years ago, no one learns how to safely fall from a 20 foot ladder. I'm guessing that John Cena and Dolph Ziggler win their respective MITB bouts this Sunday on PPV. No wagering please."

On the MITB PPV: "I'd love to see some of WWE's younger talents have break through performances this Sunday on PPV. Like in main stream sports, I believe in throwing someone in the game and seeing if they can help the team win. Nothing ventured...nothing gained."

On NXT Getting a Champion: "There is talk of having a tournament to crown a NXT Champion which, if and when it is held, could create some amazing opportunities for several young athletes looking to get noticed with the hopes of making it to a Raw or Smackdown WWE roster."

On NXT Tapings: "Every outing at the NXT tapings is pressure packed for each talent because of all the watchful eyes looking on at the talent's every move. The atmosphere at Full Sail University in Orlando this Thursday night should be fun as the arena seats around 500 and is an excellent setting for this unique vehicle that's unlike any broadcast WWE produces."

On Kane: "I've been extremely impressed with Kane the past several weeks as I have previously mentioned here. The veteran continues to deliver in a big way inside the ropes which is where it counts the most. Kane is a great success story as he migrated through the independent scene to earn a HOF level career in WWE. When I first saw Kane, it was in an arena of maybe 100 fans, he looked a great deal like Sycho Sid in size and wrestled under a mask known as the Unibomber. We had him come to a WWE TV, which I think was in Georgia, for a try out and officials were impressed with his size, athleticism and demeanor. No major star that I can recall has been easier to work with than the highly intelligent and articulate Kane. I have great respect for the man....even though he tried to BBQ me once upon a time. "

On Chael Sonnen: "Chael Sonnen will be broadcasting some UFC action this week. As I blogged earlier this week, Chael is a proven box office star in UFC with several more fights in his future but I could easily see the Oregon native successfully broadcasting in UFC as his post fight career. Obviously, UFC is going to be producing more and more TV, which can be a good thing or not, and their list of broadcasters isn't that long at this time. Sonnen is a natural born talker and having someone who has the entertainment skills to go along with product knowledge is invaluable. Speaking of Sonnen, one of the biggest challenges, and there are many, that a MMA fighter would have coming to a company like WWE is the schedule. The travel of a WWE superstar is unwavering while most MMA fighters only fight a few times a year and are essentially grounded in their training camps or with their families the rest of the time. If any MMA fighter isn't willing to work as hard training for WWE as they did while training for UFC,etc then my suggestion, as a talent evaluator, is to say a polite adios to them and call it a day."

On Ronda Rousey: "Ronda Rousey's cover for ESPN the Magazine is smoking. The Strikeforce fighter is arguably the most marketable, new female athlete to come along in years and her 'people' should accelerate her progress ahead of the success that some Olympic Women will attain. Rousey is a major talent and I'd have zero issues booking her on a major UFC PPV in the future. Notice I said UFC and not Strikeforce."

On Bob Backlund: "Good seeing Bob Backlund on Raw Monday night...