Jim Ross posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Sheamus vs. Ziggler: @WWESheamus vs. @HEELZiggler was the best match of the night. Certainly one of the better free, TV bouts that I've seen in a good while. If I had to pick 10 guys to start a new roster, these two would be on that list. Ziggler had an MVP like night and my only concern is his body holding up considering the athletic hell it endures on a regular basis. Dolph's the kind of guy that has one basic pace and that's all out. Sooner than later Ziggler will realize that more often than not that less is more is more than a often used wrestling Cliche.

On Punk's Injury: Any fan that thinks that @CMPunk did not have knee surgery likely is too stupid to be reading this blog. A case of J.R.'s HOT BBQ sauce says that the straight edge WWE Champion isn't even using medication to monitor the pain he's obviously having to endure while his knee heals.

On Punk vs. Rock: Punk vs. @TheRock at the Royal Rumble in Phoenix will be a giant attraction especially as both talents begin to totally focus on the specific event. I'm curious to see how the build to the Rumble unfolds. Without question Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle will be an integral part of the process.

On Kingston vs. Cesaro: Thought U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. IC Kofi Kingston had a really nice bout. Cesaro has that WWE HOFer Johnny Valentine quality of being a methodical starter of a match, being extremely solid and fundamentally sound, and exuding toughness. JV always took more time that most main eventers to get himself established but when he 'hit' he was entrenched where the promoter's wanted and needed him to be. In today's acrobatic, faster paced than needed world of wrestling, some fans who have never seen the art form of the business played out ala Johnny Valentine, etc will hopefully stay engaged with Cesaro who I think is a future, main event star. @AntonioCesaro is another keeper and building block for WWE. Kofi showing more in ring toughness and adding timely flying to his game is refreshing. Kofi is a smart, educated young man who is another athlete that WWE can depend on day in and day out to not self destruct and to push himself to keep getting better. Les flying, but doing it when it means more, and displaying more aggression will continue to serve Kofi well.

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