Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Building New Stars: All of those in the pro wrestling genre know that every organization needs to develop new stars. There's a certain amount of risk obviously involved in putting someone in the starting lineup but those risks must be taken. Plus, the new talent must be provided an adequate opportunity to establish their body of work and to develop a fan following. It can't happen with start and stop creative and 50/50 booking. Any wrestling savant that says or thinks that they can determine whether a talent is going to be a success or not within a few weeks is BS'ing themselves.

On Talents Speaking Up: If any wrestling company fosters a backstage environment that does not encourage their talents to speak up and get more involved in their careers from a presentation and creative standpoint, that company is asking for hard times. In ring participants like to perform and to create or they wouldn't be in the biz. If one is a performer then they likely have an above average abundance of creativity. Any show business entity that stifles creativity from their performers is myopic. Talents cannot be afraid to speak up but unfortunately because of the shrinking number of places a talent can work and earn a decent living the "don't rock the boat" philosophy seems to permeate the wrestling business. That's not healthy for anyone involved.

On Podcasting With Steve Austin: I had a great audio session this week with @steveaustinBSR for the Ross Report podcast that will be debuting THIS Wednesday on and ITunes and it's always FREE. A new podcast will drop every Wednesday. Austin talks about some unique, WrestleMania topics, his booking thoughts on Daniel Bryan and what Bryan needs to address to get over even more, the CM Punk saga, thoughts on NOT wrestling a program with @HulkHogan, @Goldberg and @BrockLesnar, where the original Smoking Skull Title Belt is today, along with much more including his thoughts on Steve attending WM30.

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