Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Comedy in Wrestling: On a different tangent, and just my two cents, another kiss of death in the pro wrestling business is to drape the comedic cloth over a talent and allow him/her to wrap themselves in "humorous attire" so to speak. When did a comedy act ever headline a major event ala WrestleMania? Comedy acts screams 'prelims' and TV show 'filler.' Organic comedy is a completely different animal but attempting to write comedy and then have an untrained actor/comedian pull it off without the audience rolling their eyes is best.

On Wrestlers Wearing Jewelry in the Ring: Another pet peeve...too much coffee this morning, I assume, allowing wrestlers to wear jewelry while competing is a joke. Necklaces, earrings, etc helps destroy the illusion of reality. If it were a real fight, why wouldn't a smart aggressor use those cosmetic accompaniments to their advantage. I never had the stroke to make that call, I did discourage it, but if I ever did those pieces of jewelry would be left in the locker room. (Yes...I'm old school but common sense and logic aren't out of style.) Lastly, how does jewelry contribute to a wrestling match?

On Orton vs. Bryan: The contract signing between Orton and Bryan should not be over thought. It's the blue light special. An angle alert. Fans expect fireworks and they should be provided such. Another question is fan support of Bryan to begin to wane in his role of the undersized, overachieving underdog? Fans of heroes have to maintain 'hope' that their guy can get it done in a fair fight. It's simple, human nature/psychology.

On TNA: Someone on Twitter said that I wouldn't admit it if I watched the TNA PPV Sunday night. Wrong, Einstein. However, I did not watch their show as I was watching the Manning vs. Irsay Bowl on NBC plus my regular Sunday night fare including HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound and Down. However, if any company changes five titles in one show, which one is supposed to standout to the average fan? Apparently that's what occurred. Sounds like TNA hit the "reset" button on the whole shooting match. No dog in the hunt except for my many friends who work there and I'm pulling for them and their families.