Jim Ross has posted his latest blog over at JRSBARBQ.com. He talks about Sting, the new WWE Performance Center and more. Here are highlights:

On Sting in the WWE Hall of Fame: "Love the experts that call me an idiot for even suggesting that Sting could some day be a member of the WWE Hall of Fame because he's never wrestled in WWE. I'm not sure who the idiot is within this discussion but this development wouldn't set a precedent. Check out the list, Einstein."

On the opening of the WWE Performance Center: "The WWE Performance Center is a game changer in many ways. It will put added pressure on the recruiting efforts by all involved to bring big time, world class athletes into the program plus it will demand even a higher level of coaching and mentoring by the staff. The facility is a show place and the expectations for enhanced results are, as they should be, going up."

On the WWE Legends Roundtables: "Really enjoyed the latest Legends Roundtable show on WWE On Demand. The topic is Wrestling and Patriotism. No other Roundtables are scheduled, that I am aware of, at this time but are fun shows in which to be a part."

Ross calling out the "marks" is awesome. We deal with those same "know-it-all" people here as well, JR! We love 'em though .... they're entertaining to say the least!

You can read the full blog by clicking here.