Jim Ross has made his WWE Slammy Awards predictions in a new blog. Here are the highlights…

With the Slammy Awards being held this Monday on RAW where the winners will be determined by fan vote on the WWE App, so here are my "votes"...

Superstar of the Year...No brainer...WWE Champion @CMPunk. Need I explain? Let us count the days.

Breakout star of the year...@Ryback22...making an impact and has reached PPV, main event status. Hopefully, for Ryback his best is yet to come.

Trending Now Award...well, I'd like for it to be #Sauceit but that would go over like flatulence in church so I'll go with either #WWE13 or #Boots2Asses. @TheRock is the smart money.

Comeback of the Year...How can one have a bigger comeback than returning to life after being clinically dead for approximately 15 minutes? @JerryLawler wins hands down.

Kiss of the Year....really? Really? Hmmm this is something that I haven;t given that much thought to but let's go with @JohnCena and Eve with @ZackRyder helplessly looking on from a wheel chair. Is there really "kissing in rasslin?"

Tell Me That I Did NOT Just See That...most shocking moment of the year. King's heart attack aside...I can't think of one moment that jumps out at me but the return of @HeymanHustle has to be a consideration. @TheShield impacting @WWE would be another. It's a wide open category. What whacky incident won this Slammy last year?

LOL Moment of the Year...easy one..Daniel Bryan and Kane's therapy sessions...hands down. Laugh out loud funny in a world where 'wrestling comedy' often falls on its face.