Jim Ross has posted a to new blog entry, where he discusses the closing segment of last night's RAW. Here is what he had to say…

Great closing segment that exposed what the fans in Seattle and elsewhere seemingly want to see plus it was a magnificent way to utilize all the former champs that were brought in for Slammy business.

That's strategic booking. Utilizing all of one's assets at one's disposal and not over exposing one's perceived weaknesses. That's still booking 101.

WWE got some great market research Monday night from the live audience, who I realize had an emotional and biased investment in the local hero, Daniel Bryan, and through the voting by the fans on the Slammy Awards.

Smart businesses should never do market research unless they are going to use it.

The final segment added some fuel to the fire for Sunday's Unification match, the second in 12 years w/ Chris Jericho prevailing then, and hopefully the last. It also exposed some matchups that fans gravitated to immediately. HHH vs. Punk is money. Daniel Bryan vs. HBK is money even though I DON'T think that it will ever happen and it also put John Cena who stole the segment verbally and then built to a potentially unique situation at TLC as not only Orton's mortal enemy but also an unlikely ally to the Authority. Or not.

Plus, Cena vs. Bryan....Bryan vs. Punk.....are also great attractions if, like every thing within the genre, they are built properly.

John Cena's promo Monday night surrounding by an impressive group of his peers and predecessors really stood out. Perhaps Cena's best mic work to date.

Those that don't like WWE right now for whatever reason likely still aren't going to like it even after the great final segment on RAW but I'm more interested in watching the TLC PPV this Sunday than I was prior to the broadcast. (Some fans seemingly just have more fun "hating.")