Jim Ross has updated his blog on his official website. Here are highlights:

On CM Punk at TLC: "Will @WWE Champion @CMPunk's presence at #TLC Sunday be significant? My assumption is yes but how is anyone's guess. The WWE Title is the ultimate prize in WWE and it will be on display in some shape, form or fashion."

On the TLC announce team: "@MichaelCole will spearhead the broadcast with @JerryLawler and @JCLayfield. Three man booths are often times tough to navigate but Cole does a great job of being the point man and JBL and the King have had a show or two under their belts together so I'd expect that we will be entertained and informed. Could we see a guest appearance by @CMPunk at the announce table Sunday? Any thing is possible in @WWE. The wrestlers provide the music and the announcers provide the lyrics."

On the TLC main event: "Most likely much will be made of what bout will close the PPV and my opinion on that one is "Who cares?" As it relates to the order of events, the first bout of the night on PPV is also extremely important and should be one that is perceived that the live audience will engage in and invest. Frankly, more speculation should be devoted to what bout starts the show than what bout ends the event."

Ross also provided his predictions on the TLC PPV.

You can (and should) read the full blog by clicking here.