Joey Ryan and Alex Silva had an argument on Twitter Friday night. Ryan started by saying that "nobody wants to see" Silva, who earned a contract in April with TNA.

Silva that he is the "first and only" Gut Check winner.

Ryan has been playing a heel with an anti-"Wrestling Matters" campaign ever since he was denied a contract. He said to Silva: "You have nothing to add anywhere. You bring absolutely nothing to the table at all."

We posted a video yesterday featuring Joey Ryan and another video he posted in his campaign against TNA's "Wrestling Matters" slogan. In the video, he talks with Amazing Red about leaving the company when he felt they didn't give him an opportunity to succeed, TNA changing storylines (like Crimson's introduction), dropping characters (Sangriengto) without notice and being frustrated with TNA during the Vince Russo era. Ryan says that TNA overlooks wrestlers supported by the "87 percenters" who voted that Ryan should have had a contract after his TNA Gut Check appearance.