-- John Cena replied an tweet by the Rock that read "When you succeed - embrace & enjoy it. When you fail - honor & respect it", posting:

Can't believe I'm doing this but couldn't say it better myself

-- Jerry Lawler commented on his own Twitter account about winning Comeback of the Year, saying:

Thanks to all who voted for my comeback. Thanks to the doctors and nurses who helped me comeback. Thanks to God for allowing me to comeback

-- Pro Wrestling Syndicate will be running several shows over WrestleMania weekend. The shows will take place in Metuchen, NJ, and the following has been announced…

On April 4th:

* The Rock N' Roll Express vs. Demolition for the first time ever

* Superstar Graham to appear.

On April 5th:

* Bret Hart and Superstar Graham appearing

* John Morrison vs. La Parka