Dolph Ziggler
Nicholas Theodore Nemeth
  • Birthdate: 07/27/1980 (age 34)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 213 Ib

Nemeth signed a development contract with WWE i...

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-- Dolph Ziggler says that he still wants to take on Zack Ryder at WrestleMania 29 next year. Ziggler spoke with the Trentonian and said that he wants to respect his initial plan to wrestle Ryder, saying, "If I'm World Champion, I'd rather be in the ring with Zack because he worked hard to be there."

He also talked about his new feud with Chris Jericho, saying he looked up to him as a teenager and put over himself for doing all the talking in the segment with Jericho on RAW. He noted, "For once, someone was witty enough, quick enough to shut Jericho up."

-- John Cena and AJ played up her and Daniel Bryan's storyline wedding that is set for Monday night's 1,000th RAW event. AJ tweeted:

One last day to sew my wild oats as a single woman. So if you need me, I'll be quietly reading a book at a Barnes and Noble Starbucks

Cena replied to AJ with:

Stay put @WWEAJLee ill be there in 10min. May i recommend #50shadesofJohn its an exciting read.

By the way, i stole Tensai's idea and got u guys a sweet #1cupkeurig as a gift.. Sorry to spoil it, just want u to know its from me