John cena 2012
John Cena
John Felix Anthony Cena
  • Birthdate: 04/23/1977 (age 38)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 251 Ib

Cena is known as "the face of the WWE for a lon...

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John Cena was on 95.7 The Game in California today, and was asked if WWE considered canceling Raw last night, following the Boston marathon tragedy. Here is what Cena had to say…

"There was never a second thought about postponing or canceling the show. I was asked this question earlier. WWE truly takes the initiative - we were the first company to broadcast a live sporting event after 9/11. Although it was a tough thing to come to grips with, we thought it would be best because WWE's goal is to put smiles on people's faces, to really give people who desperately needed a chance to escape that opportunity to escape. So, there was never any question that WWE would not go live last night just to offer people what we offer them every week - a chance to escape and maybe put a smile on their face in time of need."