RAW's Managing Supervisor, Vickie Guerrero, who was appointed the position on Monday's show after AJ Lee decided to step down as brand General Manager by the WWE Board of Directors for allegedly fraternizing with John Cena, is furthering the storyline on Twitter.

After announcing that she will on hand for RAW's entire tour of the United Kingdom next month, she tweeted Wednesday morning, "How rude of me, I keep thanking @WWEAJLee for my new success, but I am sending a special "thank you" to @JohnCena #CougarInCharge."

John Cena responded to her remarks shortly thereafter, tweeting, "Bit of advice @ExcuseMeWWE I know u r proud of your 'actions' but if u wanna run your mouth about me, it wont work. Ask @therock."

As the storyline goes, Guerrero claimed to the WWE Board of Directors that Lee and Cena had a "business dinner," and Lee decided not to fight the accusations to avoid dragging Cena's name through the mud.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also weighed in on the matter tweeting in response to Cena's remark, "@JohnCena @ExcuseMeWWE @WWE Where'd U take @AJLee for your "business dinner"? Golden Corral? McDonalds? #CheapJabroni."

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