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Jim Ross
James William Ross
  • Birthdate: 01/03/1952 (age 62)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Jim Ross is an American professional wrestling ...

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On What Bout Will Go On Last at WM28: "Will the WWE Title bout go on last at WM28? Not this year in my view. That's Rock vs. Cena's spot or so it would seem. I hope that the WWE Title bout goes on somewhat early so that there's less likely to be any timing issues on Punk vs. Jericho."

On A-Train's Possible Return: "Is A Train returning to WWE? I first heard about Matt Bloom perhaps returning to WWE online and I have zero talks with WWE or the talent about this rumor. The talent says that he isn't. I don't know but I signed Matt originally and hold him in high regard. Big, smart, and athletic. He would be a good 'get' if he's interested."

On Possibly Going to TNA: "Will you ever go to TNA? I wish them the best and hope that they achieve success and profitability but I have no interest in working there. I'm a WWE guy and when that's over with I'll explore other non wrestling options."

On Dusty Rhodes: Was Dusty in his prime more 'over' than the Rock in Miami? Arguably. Dusty in his prime in Florida was as hot as anyone ever in sports or entertainment. It was just before the proliferation of cable TV, social media, etc but Dream was truly huge.

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