Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On The Hell in a Cell Matches Sunday: It will be interesting to see how different the two Hell in a Cell matches are this Sunday on the next , WWE PPV. Because the handicap match featuring CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman and Ryback is more of an 'attraction,' so making the two, HIAC matches unique should be less challenging. The money in that HIAC match is obviously Punk closing the current chapter on his issue with Heyman. In the old days, we cranky, old veterans like to use that term when possible, Heyman's fate would come to a graphic and definitive end. As I said, in the old days. Heyman means more to the match that does any of his villains. I expect Heyman to lose consciousness and to be stretchered out. Hopefully, Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton will establish a helluva wrestling match before they start to utilize all the gimmicks that the giant, steel structure provides. That gives the fans the best of both worlds or so it would seem to me. Logic says that the underdog wins but who knows now days...?

On Cena vs. Del Rio: The returning John Cena World Title Bout vs. the champion Alberto Del Rio feels a touch lost in the shuffle. Perhaps because it was made essentially out of no where or perhaps, Del Rio has little momentum, or because Cena is returning early from his surgery and he doesn't feel as if he's been gone that long to make his return even more special. Happy to hear the announce team Monday night point out that ADR would likely target Cena's arm Sunday on PPV. Any time announcers can make believable, common sense points, no matter if they are a play by play guy or a color analysts, it helps the storytelling. However, telling back stories and constantly trying to fill in gaps in creative while story telling at the expense of not getting talent 'over' is a kiss of death. Conversational story telling doesn't always facilitate the imperative, emotional investment needed to establish and build stars of which the business revolves around.

On Too Many Clotheslines: I wonder if any of the active wrestling promotions keep track of the number of mind numbing clotheslines that their performers utilize during a TV show or a live event? The more one sees, the less that they mean. Same goes for 'fighting' outside the ring. It used to be special now it feels as if it's an action to facilitate going to a commercial break.