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Jim Ross
James William Ross
  • Birthdate: 01/03/1952 (age 63)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 250 Ib

Jim Ross is an American professional wrestling ...

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Here are some highlights from Jim Ross' latest blog entry:

On the passing of "Mad Dog" Vachon: "Maurice was fearless and embraced being a true, wrestling villain which is becoming a lost art that maybe extinct sooner than later. If that assumption is true, then it does the business no favors. That would make the biz dependent on star power and less on personal issues and villains challenging the heroes in varying scenarios. I wonder what the over/under is on the larger alpha males in numerous bars around the world who thought they could whip Dog's ass because he was smaller than he appeared on TV. Surprise!"

On WrestleMania XXX weekend: "We're looking at venues and dates for a JR show, or two, during WrestleMania 30 week in New Orleans. Likely or the Thursday and/or Friday night of WM30 week. Details are still being finalized."

On Charles Barkley: "Enjoyed Charles Barkley's color commentary on TNA Thursday night during the Thunder vs. Clippers game. Chuck is unfiltered and is a breath of fresh air in today's sports landscape of talking heads. Charles actually paid for Jerry Lawler and Stacey Carter's wedding in Vegas. I know this to be true as I was there."