The following are highlights from a recent website Q&A from WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On whether or not the Internet Wrestling Community is killing the business: "Far from it. So, no."

On whether or not WWE still views Survivor Series as one of the "Big 4" PPVs: "I can only speak for myself but I'd say yes. Having 12 PPV's makes it challenging for all of them to be special."

On if he'd like to see Jake "The Snake" Roberts back in WWE, possibly in the Royal Rumble: "I'd love to see Jake clean, sober & healthy living a happy, productive life."

On if there is a reason WWE holds PPVs on Sunday nights: "I'd assume that there is research to indicate that Sunday is the best night for WWE PPV's plus it is and has become a tradition that I don't see changing. Plus, it works well with the cable and satellite operators which is critical."

On his opinion of Abdullah The Butcher, and if he deserves to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame: "Abby had an amazing, LONG career and was an independent business man who was a main event star around the world. He was unique."

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