John cena birthday wwe
John Cena
John Felix Anthony Cena
  • Birthdate: 04/23/1977 (age 37)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 251 Ib

Cena is known as "the face of the WWE for a lon...

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website at Here are some highlights:

Steve Austin vs. CM Punk - Who He'd Root For: “Because it would likely be Steve’s last one I’d be an Austin lean. Not likely to ever happen.”

Bullying In The WWE Locker Room: “It isn’t condoned by the talent or management. There’s no place for it.”

If John Cena Is As Controversial as DX or Steve Austin: “I don’t think Cena is controversial. I think he is polarizing. Good man. Hard worker. I’m proud to have signed him.”

Kane’s New WWE Gimmick: “Willing to allow it to play out and to see how it works for him. It’s got to grow on me and perhaps it will.”

On Jim Cornette and the WWE Hall of Fame: "JC is overly qualified but I don't know if he will ever get the nod. If so, it could easily be this year in New Orleans. He seems to be positioned as a 'political outcast.' Bottom line is that I do not know."

On whether there will be another WWE Rivalry DVD: "This is completely up to WWE and would largely depend on how the HBK-Hitman DVD sold as well. It's a good concept but that's where my info ends. If they do another, likely another announcer would host it."

On Lesnar vs. Goldberg at WM 20: Many in the audience knew that both men were leaving WWE for various reasons and the vocal minority in the Garden verbally expressed themselves. On that night the two talents had little chemistry and were faced with a tough hand to play.

You can read the full Q&A section by clicking here.