-- As noted earlier here on the website, WWE is reportedly stacking the deck with big hype matches for Hell in a Cell because of worry that they may have alienated the audience with the main events for the past two PPVs. As you may recall, some fans actually demanded refunds over the fact that Daniel Bryan's win at the show was overturned the next night on Raw and a "Refund" chant was kicked off at Battleground after the main event. The belief in the company is that their credibility in delivering main events that fans want to see may be damaged and that they need to regain trust wit the audience. As such they have brought back John Cena sooner than expected and are guaranteeing a new WWE Champion in the Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan Hell in a Cell match, with Shawn Michaels there to ensure a legit finish.

-- WWE's Kaitlyn posted the following on Twitter today…

Please excuse the selfie. New hair. #RIPTwoTone

— K8LYN (@KaitlynWWE) October 23, 2013