Kelly kelly
Kelly Kelly
Barbara Jean Blank
  • Birthdate: 01/15/1987 (age 29)
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 108 Ib

Blank has a background in gymnastics and cheerl...

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-- As previously reported, the Sept. 21 episode of WWE SmackDown on Syfy garnered a 1.95 (2.0) cable rating, down slightly from 1.96 the week before. Viewership was actually higher, with the program averaging 2.861 million viewers compared to 2.691 million viewers the prior week.

-- Speaking to WWE Magazine, Tensai explains why he switched from singlets to trunks years ago and why we won't see his helmet and robe ever again.

"When I first debuted, I used to wear singlets and, to be truthful, I liked them. But it was suggested to me that I move from them to the classic trunks. It was very uncomfortable for the first month, but now I love them. Let's be honest—with my body type, I probably shouldn't be wearing them, but I like them. They offer a much cleaner look at me in the ring, and red is such a powerful color," Tensai said.

"The helmet and robe you saw when I returned was meant to get your attention, but changing out of it takes too much time and pulls away from my goal, which is to destroy."

-- Kelly Kelly, who has not appeared for WWE since SummerSlam. noted on Twitter that she is participating in a photo shoot today. She is scheduled to return to the road for WWE's annual November tour of Europe.