Kelly Kelly’s WWE Return + Tensai’s New Look & More


— As previously reported, the Sept. 21 episode of WWE SmackDown on Syfy garnered a 1.95 (2.0) cable rating, down slightly from 1.96 the week before. Viewership was actually higher, with the program averaging 2.861 million viewers compared to 2.691 million viewers the prior week.

— Speaking to WWE Magazine, Tensai explains why he switched from singlets to trunks years ago and why we won’t see his helmet and robe ever again.

“When I first debuted, I used to wear singlets and, to be truthful, I liked them. But it was suggested to me that I move from them to the classic trunks. It was very uncomfortable for the first month, but now I love them. Let’s be honest—with my body type, I probably shouldn’t be wearing them, but I like them. They offer a much cleaner look at me in the ring, and red is such a powerful color,” Tensai said.

“The helmet and robe you saw when I returned was meant to get your attention, but changing out of it takes too much time and pulls away from my goal, which is to destroy.”

Kelly Kelly, who has not appeared for WWE since SummerSlam. noted on Twitter that she is participating in a photo shoot today. She is scheduled to return to the road for WWE’s annual November tour of Europe.

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