King Mo recently spoke with The Miami Herald about working with both TNA and Bellator. Check out the highlights:

On signing with Bellator and then TNA: "After what happened with me and Strikeforce, the Bellator deal came. Then they came to me saying, ‘We have an even better deal.' So they called me two days after that with [TNA President] Dixie Carter on the phone saying she wanted me to do TNA Impact Wrestling as well. I was cool with that when I heard what they were offering me. Now I'm all aboard."

On having both jobs: "I got two jobs now with Spike TV. I'm going to work for TNA as much as I can, but if I have a fight coming up and I'm training, then you won't see me as much on there. My plan is to be on TNA two or three times a month or whenever they can book me."

On starting his MMA training back up: "I've been hitting mitts and starting my MMA training. After that, we will start sparring and get to work with my boy Roy Nelson. Then I plan to make a trip out to Holland to work with Mike's Gym and then get down to work with my boy Rashad [Evans] a little bit. My boy Jeff Mayweather, I plan to get with him. I'm going to do what I normally do and do my camp at AKA [American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose], but also make some trips here and there to fine tune some things. I'm ready."

On his TNA début: "I'm going to put it like this. I'm going to be on TV sooner than you all think...You have to put in the hard work because it's not easy. It's going to be hard, but I'm going to put forth the time and the full effort into it. I'm going to study film and learn as much as I can. Everyone thinks that pro wrestling is easy, but if it were easy, you would see more pro wrestlers last in the game. I'm going to take this all like I'm fighting. I'm going to be very serious about this."

On the response from fans: "A lot of fighters want to do wrestling. I don't really trust what the fans say because they are fans for a reason. It's because they watch. So why should I care what a fan says about me doing MMA and pro wrestling. If you can't tell the difference between MMA and pro wrestling, then you're an idiot."

On being a wrestling fan: "When I was growing up, I enjoyed Mid-South Wrestling, the NWA and WCW. I was more in that line. WWE was cool, but I was more of a WCW fan. I loved the Four Horsemen and Sting. I just saw Sting, and I almost fainted. He is bigger than I thought. He is like 6-4 or 6-5. I like Kurt Angle, James Storm and AJ Styles. Then I throw it back to the old school of watching Arn Anderson. I like the solid style wrestling. I watch a lot of wrestling. TNA has an immense pool of talent here. I watch it every Thursday [Spike TV]. The people here are no joke. I'm just hoping that I can blend in and stand out when I'm given the proper opportunity to."

On getting advice from Kurt Angle: "Kurt Angle told me to try to learn as much as I can but take care of my body because it's not easy. They gave me some other things, personal advice, and I've been listening to it."

On his potential finishers and pro wrestling style: "One is a submission called the Royal Pain, and the other is going to be an impact move called the Royal Flush...It's like this. I'm an MMA fighter, King Mo. You don't see King Mo doing high-flying moves in the cage, do you? So don't expect it in the squared circle."

On being a "King" in wrestling: "Jerry "The King" Lawler, King Booker, if I have a chance to be half as good as those guys, I will be satisfied. Even just a quarter as good as those guys. Those guys are legendary. Like Booker T., King Booker, I loved him. King Harley Race was a beast. Lawler was a beast. So if I can be half as good as them or even a quarter as good as them, I would be satisfied with my career."

On being excited for his TNA career: "I'm very excited. I can't wait to take my first chair shot. I can't wait until I take my first bump. I can't wait until I pin somebody. I can't wait until I...