Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- As noted earlier here on the website, WWE has begun talking about potential names for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April 2013 at Madison Square Garden. So far the names being discussed all have connections to the Garden and New York City. One of the names being discussed is Mick Foley, who is from New York and has talked and written about how important the Garden was to his career. Another is Kevin Nash, who won his first WWF title in the Garden. Bob Backlund (the man Nash won the title from) is also being considered. He turned down an invitation in 2004 but has wrestled and headlined in the Garden for many years. There is also talk of inducting Randy Savage, but it's unknown if they have approached the entire Poffo family. As noted, Triple H now has a bigger role in the Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania planning for 2013 than previously. It was his decision to try and get Bruno Sammartino and he personally handled the site surveying for the Metlife Stadium.

-- WWE Universe members didn't waste any time in chanting "Kobe Bryant" during the WWE Tag Team Championship Match between Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and The Prime Time Players at SummerSlam in response to The Players' manager A.W. being released following a Kobe Bryant rape joke on Raw weeks ago. A.W. was informed of the chants on Twitter and responded, "To all the fans that showed their support with the chants and tweets I really want to say "THANK YOU"!!! You guys are truly.. #UNSTOPPABLE!"

A.W. also reacted to WWE confiscating a sign at SummerSlam Axxess today that featured a printed screenshot of WWE chief Vince McMahon distorting his face in a backstage segment on RAW two months ago to ridicule Jim Ross' facial paralysis: "That really sucks! People pay their hard earned money to show their support for @WWE and that's how they get treated. #Bully."