Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Kurt Angle is currently working on a project and is attempting to raise funds for it. It's a comedy fiction movie titled "Singlet: The Dana Kelly Story" about a former Olympic boxer who is trying to make a return to the Olympics as a weightlifter.

-- As we noted over the weekend, Hulk Hogan is opening up a store in Clearwater, Florida at the Pelican Walk Plaza dedicated to selling his memorabilia. Hogan plans to make appearances at the store and bring in other wrestlers for appearances. His wife Jennifer and daughter Brooke will be part of the business. The store is slated to open in a little over a week.

-- Austin Aries' recent run as TNA X Division Champion hit 300 days straight before vacating it officially at the Destination X PPV. This breaks the previously longest reign of 182 days by Christopher Daniels back in 2005 (something Aries passed long before Destination X).