Stu Stone, who manages several West Coast independent promotions (including Championship Wrestling from Hollywood) says he will be taking legal action against Bellator and TNA star King Mo Lawal after King Mo legitimately choked him out during a Future Stars of Wrestling event on May 25 in Las Vegas.

Mo was at the event as he is friends with TNA star Kenny King, who was working the show. Stone was working as a commentator and manager. He was mocking King Mo while at ringside. While Stone was on the apron arguing with the referee, Mo grabbed him and choked him out. It's unknown at this time if the incident was real or not. The video shows Stone trying to fight out of the choke before suddenly stopping.

On Twitter, he wrote: "Last night @KingMoFH took "entertainment" too far. He f***ed with the wrong guy. speaking to my lawyer tues. have your checkbook ready mo."

King Mo replayed and said Stone was "asking for it".

Stone replied: "This is one of those rare times I'm not joking or laughing. Mo knows exactly what he did and he should be afraid. keep lol-ing mo. I have video evidence and witnesses. I will show the world what a great 'entertainer' you really are."