published a brief article noting that former WWE chief executive Linda McMahon won her GOP Senate primary on Tuesday night after spending almost ten times as much as her opponent and $61 million over the course of two campaigns to try to win the seat for U.S. Senator from Connecticut. When McMahon campaigned in 2010, she broke Connecticut state records for out-of-pocket spending by splurging $50 million of her own money—and still lost. This time around, McMahon spent over $11 million to defeat former Representative Christopher Shays by a three to one margin, who had spent approximately $1.2 million.

According to, McMahon actually spent $15.7 million of her personal money on the campaign, which would bring the total thus far to approximately $66 million.

After the race was called Tuesday night, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee immediately attacked McMahon over her WWE past.

“Linda McMahon is a greedy CEO who made millions marketing sex and violence to little kids, all at the expense of the health and safety of her own employees,” said Executive Director Guy Cecil. “Everything about McMahon’s record, principles and agenda prove that she is wrong for Connecticut. There isn’t enough money in the world to convince Connecticut voters otherwise."

This goes with what we've been exclusively reporting here on eWN via about mid-carders being frustrated with the way they are being treated and is also one of the main reasons why they're speaking up now. The negative media will likely continue in the coming weeks as WWE tries to defend against these claims. As we noted, WWE plans to "fix" the Brazilian tour bonuses after what they are claiming was a "clerical error". Those checks are expected to be re-issued in the coming days. We hope to have the new figures soon once talents receive their checks.