According to the Associated Press, Linda McMahon's senate opponent has brought up the fact that the McMahon family filed for bankruptcy in 1976.

According to the report, documents show that Linda McMahon and her husband, Vince, owed 26 creditors a total of just under $1 million when they filed for personal bankruptcy protection in 1976.

The $955,805 debt included $364,492 owed to the former Mattatuck Bank & Trust Co. of Waterbury and $100,064 to the Internal Revenue Service. The debts were officially discharged by a court in February of 1977.

McMahon's opponents have attacked her for not repaying the debts, because she became wealthy later in life. McMahon's campaign manager said the McMahons did repay the IRS and likely repaid other creditors. He said the documents confirm what McMahon has said for years about the bankruptcy.