Linda McMahon is reportedly saving a ton of money on ad time for her Senate race against Democrat Chris Murphy. The Connecticut Post reports that McMahon got the savings by signing an early contract for the election period in April, allowing her to get a lot more bang for her buck.

According to the report, Linda paid $40 for a 30-second spot on an evening news broadcast on CBS that cost Murphy $900. McMahon paid $85 for a spot during the CBS Sunday Morning show, while Murphy paid $800.

Linda also has a contract with the local FOX affiliate that runs through Election Day. That includes a $5,000 purchase for a 30-second spot during the World Series. So far, she has spent $3 million to Murphy's $1 million.

The state's Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates have shown more than 4,100 McMahon ads since Aug. 1, compared to about 1,530 for Murphy.