The statistical blog FiveThirtyEight published by The New York Times is predicting that WWE CEO Linda McMahon has a 12% chance of winning the US Senate election in Connecticut. This is down from 14% earlier in the week. The election is on Tuesday.

The Connecticut Mirror reports that Linda McMahon's campaign is looking for an "emergency court order" that would require the city of New Haven to certify its balloting system before Tuesday's election to make sure it is fair. The city registrar responded that New Haven has even ballots to cover "110 percent" of the voter list. New Haven's Republican Registrar of Voters, Rae Tramontano said the move was "petty" and aggravating.

He said: "We're good. This is petty stuff. I'm so mad at these people. I'm getting so mad at them, I might not vote for her."

The city's corporate counsel representative, Victor Bolden called the move "political grandstanding". Bolden added: "This is spending taxpayer money and wasting time. This is what happens in the silly season in a political campaign."

The Associated Press reports that U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, who beat Linda McMahon for the other Senate seat in 2010, campaigned for her opponent Chris Murphy on Thursday. Blumenthal was focusing on Murphy facing a slew of campaign ads funded by $50 million. He also said he wanted to work with Murphy in Congress.

Her campaign said that McMahon is "willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with her".