Credit: Emerson Witner

- Crowd was hot most of the night. Mind you they chanted for Dolph Ziggler during the World Title Match and Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley during the main event, but still.

- I have no idea when the show went off the air, but after Orton got dragged away a few times, Glen The Libertarian took off his jacket and tie and stormed the ring, before HHH pulled him off. HHH then charged the ring and Vince McMahon, of all people, came out and held him back. Vince then charged the ring and HHH and Steph held him back. Finally Steph charged the ring with HHH and Vince holding her back. Orton and Glen both left after they were pulled away.

- The audience was 99% Cena during his first entrance and no matter how much people hate the both of them, when Cena and Orton faced off at the end, the building was going ape sh*t.