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A good 70 percent of the arena was closed off. The hard camera area was entirely blocked off, and an area near the entrance ramp was blocked off. The good seats ($1,000 ones: a few people admitted it) only had about 40-50 people in it. Overall, only one side was full and that was the right side of the arena, opposite of the hard camera side. The arena can fit a good number of people, but TNA only averaged at most maybe 900-1,200 people. For TNA, this had really no population compared to other pay-per-views.

During the pre-show, most people were still finding their seats. During this time, JB mentioned that fans who were very loud would get free backstage passes after the show was over. Also, if you tweeted your Section and seat number to #BoundForGlory during the show they would allow some to enter the backstage area too. Anybody who as VIP also got this opportunity. Christy Hemme got a really good reaction especially when the pay-per-view started as she was getting the crowd involved.

The match was, everything was ok. Most fans were really pumped up for the X-Division match more so than Sting vs. Magnus and Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode.

Biggest Cheers:

-AJ Styles: Especially when he won the title. That crowd was electric. During his introduction he got a great reaction, but nothing like he got when he won the title.

-Sting: The first time he came out, the crowd was going nuts for Sting. Second time, not so much but still a lot more cheers.

-Samoa Joe: As soon as his music hit, he got a huge crowd reaction. During his punching combo sequence he got a huge reaction.

-Gail Kim: When she won the title, fans actually were cheering her more so than ODB when she came out. But for entrance, ODB got a bigger reaction.

-Bad Influence: Maybe the San Diego connection with Bad Influence allowed them to be heels with a good crowd reaction. Both on the pre-show and the actual pay-per-view they were getting good size cheers. I say San Diego connection because a lot of people remember Daniels wrestling in San Diego before going to TNA.

Biggest Boos

-BroMans: It's one thing for a heel to win a match, but this wasn't just a heel winning this was pure hatred. As loud as the crowd was for AJ, was equally as loud with boos for the BroMans.

-Bully Ray: All throughout the night, Bully Ray got some wicked boos. No cheers for him.

-Kurt Angle: After he declined the HoF, the crowed gave him a lot of boos. After the match when the stretcher was around, he was getting cheers but as soon as he walked on his own the crowd started to boo again.

-Bobby Roode / Kurt Angle ref.: After the screwjob the crowd started chanting "bullshit." A lot of fans started to leave after this happened. I would say a good 20% of the crowd left after this match.

No Cheers or Boos

-James Storm / Gunner: Got nothing. Surprised that nobody cheered or really booed for them.

-Magnus: Dead reaction. He started to get boos when he used Sting's death drop though.

-Ethan Carter III: Fans were like who is this. Most people went away during this match.

Notes: My wife had a lot of fun for her first wrestling event. She hates wrestling and she enjoyed it. Most people did not get into the arena until 4 PM, as they opened the doors at 3:40 PM. My biggest complaint was there was really nobody there.