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The live webstream began with an interview with WWE '13 franchise Creative Director Cory Ledesma and designer Bryan Williams. They said that they built a great foundation with WWE '12 and wanted to build the game play experience and the franchise even further.

CM Punk as the cover athlete was brought up. They said it was a big year for Punk. In discussing how they were going to pick their cover athlete, they knew it would be him even before WWE '12 came out. The pipebomb on Raw made him a much more popular star to the masses and they hoped they he could maintain his momentum and he did. They had already planned to include the Attitude Era and he really fits into that mode and it's a perfect mix of attitude in the past and present.

They've overhauled their road to Wrestlemania storyline to revisit the Attitude era. It brings back nostalgia and allow new fans that don't know much to experience it for the first time. They will focus on the WWE side of the Monday Night Wars to relive the era of DX, Steve Austin and more. The Attitude era is very faithful and authentic so you'll see a lot of WWE footage that plays during the experience and you will have objectives to accomplish during the matches.

They discussed balancing control of the players last year and feeling like they lost after being in control of the match. They are trying to maintain the authenticity of the matches and giving players the complete control of how they pursue the matches. You re-live the moments and if you get the bonus objectives achieved, there will be extra bonuses and content.

They were asked where the Attitude era begins and ends since they are blurring it a little. The single player mode will run over "two years." You jump around and play different talents and do different storylines from that era. Players unlock bonus matches as they go forward and the game will have 100 unlockable features based on how you achieve in the game.

They discussed the Austin 3:16 collectible edition which will come with a Mike Tyson character you can play and a signed item from Austin. Austin signed 25,000 pieces. They said Austin was the only other cover athlete they could have given the Attitude era theme.

They discussed the visual fidelity of the game. They noted that the characters always look amazing but they look to refine the look and the sound of the game so slams on the mat sound like they do on WWE TV. The game looks and sounds more refined and appears closer to what you'd expect from watching Raw and Smackdown.

They are trying to recreate the TV experience while you are playing the game. They have added a replay system that happens after big moments, such as the ring collapsing or a big move to the outside of the ring as well as finishers. The replays will have audio commentary calls that will back up the replays. The crowd sounds are from WWE TV, so it's more of an authentic experience.

They discussed a new OMG moment feature. When you have a stored finisher in your possession, you will be able to activate the OMG moment when prompted. You will also be able to grab and maintain capture finishers, which will allow you to reverse big moves if you do the the right combinations at the right times. The ring breaking moments will be reserved for Super Heavyweight talents. There are different moments for different talents and weight classes. There will be a variety of moments.

THQ worked with WWE and the production team on the road to get raw sound audio, chants and effects for the authentic WWE experience. They noted that this will be "night and day" from WWE '12. Last year, they had 150 people in a warehouse chanting and this year, they have real Arena sounds. A lot of the crowd audio and chanting are from the Raw the day after Wrestlemania last year. WWE is able to give them the raw sound audio from specific moments and matches.

WWE creates a lot of content and they are amazed at the size of their production content. They were able to get all the WWE graphics and sound effects and have edited specific video packages for them. They wanted to mimic what you see on TV and WWE has been happy to oblige and help them. They had some challenges with going back into the Attitude era material but they have incredible editors. The Attitude era videos give you goosebumps while watching. They had to come up with...