Source: The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

As previously reported, there was backstage heat on The Shield's Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. There was speculation that had to do with Seth Rollins not knowing how to shake hands with other talent properly, with one source believing the issues were specifically between Rollins and The Big Show.

Another source has stated that there was heat on Roman Reigns, due to a botched spot with Randy Orton at a house show. This reportedly led to the two getting into a backstage argument. Because of the differences in their status within the company, the heat went on Reigns.

Vince McMahon reportedly wanted to punish those involved, while Triple H disagreed with that idea.

While there was heat on Reigns and Rollins, the feeling was that the PPV kick off match with the Usos played out very well, and that any heat that existed is now gone.