Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We reported several weeks ago that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin underwent reconstructive surgery to repair both his ACL and PCL back in July. In an update on this, Austin is doing three hours of physical therapy about three times per week. He's telling friends he'll be ready to return for action movies roles in early 2013.

As far as Steve Austin working a match at WrestleMania 29 is concerned, it's said to be a longshot due to both Brock Lesnar and The Rock already being booked for top matches. That would take a lot of the focus off his match and he wouldn't be booked as strong as he feels he should be. It's also said that Austin wants to be 100% healthy for a return match and also wants complete creative control over his storyline angle. He doesn't need to work another match and is financially set so it really doesn't matter to him either way.

In other Steve Austin news, he was in Los Angeles, CA for SummerSlam and was approached by the recently arrested Cameron. As many of you know, Cameron was a former WWE Tough Enough competitor. She told Austin to his face that she was the first person cut from Tough Enough and was the only one from the show to make it to the main roster and is still employed by WWE. Who knows for how much longer, though.