The rock snl
The Rock
Dwayne Johnson
  • Birthdate: 05/02/1972 (age 42)
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 260

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Dwayne Johnson was ...

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-- WWE is advertising The Rock for the next four episodes of RAW: March 12 - Cleveland, Ohio, March 19 - Philadelphia, PA, March 26 - Atlanta, GA, April 2 - Miami, FL

-- FCW referee Brian Nguyen made his RAW debut this past Monday in Boston, working the Eve vs. Alicia Fox match. He has been in developmental for almost two years.

-- Dragon Gate USA announced the following changes to their stables and angles, which has basically been a big reset for the whole promotion…

* Masato Yoshino asked Naruki Doi to reform their legendary tag team and Doi agreed. Their first match together as a team will be on March 25th in Japan. They will announce the name of their stable then. Yoshino had already been teaming with Ricochet. However, Yoshino also asked PAC to join the group and PAC agreed, ending his rivalry with Ricochet (which ended in DGUSA last November). Doi then asked Rich Swann to join. This new, exciting stable has Yoshino, Doi, PAC, Ricochet and Swann.

* Jimmy Susumu, Ryo Saito and Genki Horiguchi are the DGUSA members who have formed the "Jimmy" group in Japan. They currently have the Open The Triangle Gate and Open The Twin Gate Titles.

* The Veteran Army, which is the first class of wrestlers in Dragon Gate, now includes CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid, Gamma and Stalker Ichikawa.

* Akira Tozawa said Blood Warriors was a stupid name and has renamed the group Mad Blankey. We aren't sure what this means yet either. The stable has Tozawa, BxB Hulk and Uhaa Nation. It is unknown where Brodie Lee stands.

* YAMATO and Shingo Takagi remain isolated as a two man stable.