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-- As previously reported, the belief backstage in WWE is that Brock Lesnar will win the WWE world title tonight at SummerSlam and defeat John Cena. For whatever its worth, one other reported scenario is that Lesnar will beat Cena, and then Seth Rollins could cash in his Money in the Bank title shot after the match is over.

In addition, the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship with the new WWE logo could make its official debut tonight at Summerslam, rather than tomorrow on Raw. There have been reported teases that the belt will make an appearance before the Cena vs. Lesnar match tonight. As previously reported, the WWE is adopting the WWE Network logo as the company's new and official corporate logo.

-- A backstage segment is being planned for SummerSlam tonight by WWE creative. The segment is said to feature Mark Henry and the Big Show, who recently aligned as the World's Largest Tag Team on SmackDown. Henry and Show would reportedly look at wanting a shot at becoming WWE tag team champions against The Usos.

-- - Hulk Hogan is reportedly backstage for WWE SummerSlam tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. It is unknown if WWE creative has plans to use Hogan for the event tonight.

According a source, the PPV could be used as a push to pre-order WWE 2K15. Hogan has been a part of the promotional push for the game, and he appeared on the panel for yesterday's roster reveal for the game. So Hogan could appear in some capacity relating to the game during the PPV tonight.