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UPDATE x 6: Here is another update on the Del Rio story which backs up earlier reports that that Del Rio slapped an employee in reaction to a racist comment made towards him.

According to a source, this past Tuesday at the WWE SmackDown tapings in the catering (food) area, somebody asked a person to clean off his plate. The person in question (said to be a employee and/orWWE's Social Media Manager) joked something along the lines of how "That's Del Rio's job." Del Rio found out about the comments and confronted the person. The Social Media Manager refused to apologize and smirked at Del Rio, which led to him getting slapped across the face. Del Rio then stormed off yelling and screaming while others looked on.

UPDATE x 5: According to sources, here is another update on the Alberto Del Rio situation. The latest word is that Del Rio slapped an employee in reaction to a racist comment made towards him. WWE does not plan to make any further comment on the situation.

UPDATE x 4: One final recap for the night ..........

There are different stories going around regarding the reason behind Alberto Del Rio's WWE release, one of which is that Del Rio slapped a reporter at this week's television tapings.

At this time, the belief is that he will have the standard 90-day non-compete clause. This would apply to TNA and AAA, who are both said to have interest in him. AAA is launching their US expansion this year, with a show on the El Rey Network.

UPDATE x 3: Here is what RF Video's Rob Feinstein posted on his Facebook page:

I am sure the reason ADR was released will come out but he was 100% let go after TV incident that took place in the back at TV. He did get into a altercation with a employee who does stuff for the company with social media. I was told that there were words exchanged and a slap which is all just allegations at this point. When I first read the WWE release the wording struck me very strange as WWE would never say that unless they were super hot about the firing. It's no secret that he has expressed lots of interest in going back to Mexico as soon as his contract expired, and he is very well off.

UPDATE x 2: It's interesting to note that during their release announcement on, WWE did not wish Alberto Del Rio "the best in his future endeavors". That is pretty much confirmation that they are pissed off over whatever happened. We also believe that there is more to the slapping story that we posted about earlier and we're working to confirm that. Several sources believe something happened within the last day or two.

As previously reported, Del Rio's current WWE contract was set to expire within the next several months. While WWE was planning to re-sign him, he had been very open to friends and colleagues about possibly leaving WWE and heading back overseas to work in Mexico (likely AAA). Of course, that had nothing to do with his release as he was fired by the company. It wasn't his choice to leave on his own.

Some of you may remember that we reported the following here on the website on February 5th, 2014:

As noted earlier here on the website, there was talk backstage at Monday's WWE RAW that Alberto Del Rio has been making noise about potentially leaving the company when his current WWE contract expires.

Apparently Del Rio has been frustrated after going from being a top guy on the SmackDown brand to what he considers to be someone simply being fed to Batista. A lot of the talk in the company is that due to Del Rio's age, him talking about retirement in the past and the fact that he has had a considerable amount of success and notoriety in Mexico, that maybe it's getting close to the time that he eventually walks away.

There is no definitive word at this point as to whether or not Del Rio has started working on a new contract, but there is at least a certain amount of concern over his future after the talk at RAW this past Monday night.

We'll keep you posted as we hear more. Stay tuned for more on this developing story ....

UPDATE: As we noted earlier this evening, Alberto Del Rio has been released from WWE for what the company described as "unprofessional conduct," as well as an "altercation with an employee."

It's worth noting that has the Alberto Del Rio release story as their top headline right now. It's featured with a big photo of him headlined by "Breaking News: Alberto Del Rio" released. Normally when a release takes place, they tend...