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Mark Henry
Mark Jerrold Henry
  • Birthdate: 06/12/1971 (age 43)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 412 Ib

He was a two-time Olympian in 1992 and 1996 and...

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-- The Miami Herald has an interview up with Jerry Lawler, which you can read at this link.

-- The Sioux City Journal has an interview up with Cody Rhodes, which you can read here.

-- Here are tonight's confirmed WWE SmackDown matches.

* Hunico, Camacho and The Prime Time Players (O'Neil and Young) vs. Epico, Primo, R Truth and Kofi Kingston

* Zack Ryder vs. Damien Sandow

* Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

* Heath Slater vs. A WWE Legend

* Sheamus and Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

-- Mark Henry did an interview with The Tim Brando Show, noting that he is going to the Olympics in London. You can check that out below…