9 the undertaker
The Undertaker
Mark William Calaway
  • Birthdate: 03/24/1965 (age 49)
  • Height: 6'10"
  • Weight: 299 Ib

Calaway began his wrestling career with World C...

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-- Maryse was recently on the Running the Ropes radio show, discussing the WWE Divas, here is what she had to say… "You know it's changed from what it was in 2007 when it had twelve minute pay-per-view matches now to thirty second (matches). It's hard to make a crowd relate to you when you can't talk on the microphone, you have only a minute in the ring and you have ten divas in the ring at the same time so you can't build a character and you can't make people relate. It's impossible to get over. I just wish the girls were given more time to work because there is potential, but there's no time. They need to give them something so they (WWE) can receive something and if they don't, they will never get anything.

-- Sheamus is scheduled to travel to Australia on Saturday, March 17 for an appearance in Sydney. Sheamus is scheduled to sign autographs at the "Big W" starting at 3:00PM. He will also be promoting WWE's summer Australia tour scheduled for August 30, 31, and September 1.

-- The March 2012 issue of WWE Magazine appears to feature an inside reference concerning The Undertaker's hair (which he no longer has because he is shaved bald). While explaining his near year long hiatus from WWE in their WrestleMania XXVIII feature, they wrote, "Despite (beating Triple H) by submission with the Hell's Gate and extending his epic streak, The Deadman was unable to leave the arena on his own. And no one has seen hide nor hair of him for nearly an entire year." The Undertaker has not removed the hood concealing his bald head during his appearances on Raw because WWE creative is saving the moment for his Hell in a Cell encounter with Triple H at WrestleMania XXVIII.