Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

-- Earlier in the year, WWE wanted Maryse Ouellet to return. However, it appears that the former Diva is not interested in returning at the moment. Aside from focusing on her business ventures, she's also being paid a good amount of money to make wrestling related appearances. She's also engaged to The Miz now. You can click here to view the ring Miz gave to Maryse several weeks ago.

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-- When word spread that The Rock wasn't showing up on Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 29, the internet wrestling community started speculating. It was revealed that an injury had been suffered during his match against John Cena. That made fans skeptical. Jim Ross thinks that it is pathetic for people to question Dwayne Johnson and his commitment to the industry. Ross states:

"Found it pretty pathetic that many fans who seemingly believe all or most of what they read online felt that the Rock walked out on WWE Monday while missing RAW. Some people thrive on dirt and gossip...thrive may be a too nice a about 'obsess' and believe damn near whatever they read. Rock was injured early on in the main event versus Cena but continued the match as the two men, who I signed back in the day, did the best that they could considering the situation."

-- Through his Twitter account, Sid Vicious has been constantly talking to the internet wrestling community about the business. In his latest tweet, the former WCW champion provided a list of three guys, including new World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, that he feels that WWE should push. Sid Tweeted:

"@HEELZiggler finally made it to the mountaintop, now, in the spirit of the "new blood" let's get@HeathSlaterOMRB and@ZackRyder to the top. I believe in these young guys. They're the future. Without them who'll carry this business to future generations?#PullTheTrigger #TimeIsNow When business is good it's good for all. Plant the seeds now so everyone can smell the roses in the future."