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Matt Hardy
Matthew Moore Hardy
  • Birthdate: 09/23/1974 (age 40)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 235 Ib

Before signing with WWE, Matt Hardy, with his b...

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Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- AWA on ESPN Classic returns tonight at 9:30PM ET with the following advertised: The Trooper vs. Tokyo Bullet, Mike George vs. The Menace, Nikita Koloff vs. Jones, D.J. Peterson and Rick McCord vs. Bennett and Carlson, Johnnie Stewart vs. Tony Denucci.

-- Herb Abrams' UWF runs at 10:30PM ET on ESPN Classic with Vladimir Koloff vs. Pez Whatley advertised.

-- Here is the updated card for the December 29th Extreme Rising return to Philadelphia, PA at the National Guard Armory…

* Hijo De Rey Misterio vs. Bestia 666

* Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide

* Sabu vs. Matt Hardy

* Steel Cage Match: Blk Out vs. Gangstas

* Title Tournament 2nd Round: Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards

* Title Tournament 2nd Round: Devon Storm vs. Rhino

* Match to Crowd First Ever Champion: WINNERS of the semifinal matches meet to crown the first champion

-- Eric Sturrock sent this one in:

Wrestling is Awesome had their debut event this afternoon at the Boys & Girls Club in Troy, NY. They were originally going to have their debut show in Vermont Saturday but was canceled due to low ticket sales. Myself I had only heard about the show in Troy the Sunday before the show from reading Portia Perez's Twitter. This was the first time I had ever gone to a wrestling show in a gym having only gone to WWE, TNA, House of Hardcore, & Northeast Wrestling shows at the Mid Hudson Civic Center (Poughkeepsie), Times Union Center (Albany), MSG (NYC), IZOD Center (NJ), & Dutchess Stadium (Fishkill).

Going into the show I only really knew of Portia Perez, Referee Bryce Remsburg, Mike Quackenbush, & Green Ant. I have never ordered any Chikara shows before.

The show was in the gym at the Boys & Girls Club which just had $2 million worth of renovations done to it in September. There was two rows of Front Row Seats at ringside, and opposite camera side was 5 rows of bleachers. There was about 60 people in attendance. SmartMarkVideo was taping the event for a future DVD. SmartMarkVideo had a camera set up and also had a guy with a videocamera taping the event. SmartmarkVideo was doing commentary at ringside with a man in purple who was there the entire time and was joined by Referee Bryce Remsburg & Mike Quackenbush at different times. Ringside had four metal volleyball type polls with scotch tape connecting the four metal poles. I sat front row ringside next to a opening for the wrestlers to enter ringside. Before the show they had a few shirts for sale for $20 each. There were no Wrestling Is Awesome or Portia Perez shirts but I got a Bryce Remsburg "Da Bryce is Right." They also were doing a raffle where for $1 you could win a T-Shirt of your choice.

The ring announcer came out to ringside who was Gavin Loudspeaker. Gavin said hello to everyone here in Troy. Loudspeaker & Remsburg made sure Troy was ready for Wrestling is Awesome.

1. Jervis Cottonbelly vs Mike Quackenbush. Referee: Bryce Remsburg. A lot of holds in this match. With Quackenbush putting Cottonbelly in a leg lock and the standing Jervis trying to get out of it. Jervis saying how is he going to get out of it and Quackenbush commenting back. Jervis got Quackenbush into a ankle lock. Jervis put Quackenbush in the leg lock Jervis was in earlier in the match and Quackenbush easily walked out of it. Quckenbush was able to pin Jervis for the win. After the match Cottonbelly congratulated Quackenbush and they shook hands.

2. Oleg The Usurper vs. The Estonian Thunderfrog. Referee Daniel Yost. Oleg got his head gear caught on a object making his way out of the entrance door. Oleg walked around ringside before getting In the ring and bumping his head gear into the ring ropes. On his way to the ring Oleg grabbed a steel chair and carried it into the ring. Thunderfrog came out with his hammer. Yost was having trouble moving Thunderfrog's extremely heavy hammer that he could not even get it to move. Fans yelled at Oleg that he was not even strong enough to pick it up. Oleg took their challenge and tried to pick up the hammer. Oleg tried with all his might and could not lift the hammer dropping it to the mat. Thunderfrog walked over and picked up his hammer with ease! The poor ringside crew guy almost went through the gym flooring as he tried to remove the hammer from ringside. After Thunderfrog knocked Oleg from the ring, Thunderfrog hit a impressive move off the top rope onto Oleg. Oleg slammed into Thunderfrog against the ropes. Oleg asked...