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Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 63)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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The following are highlights from a recent Journey Of A Frontman interview with former WWE talent Matt Striker:

On if he'll give more time to his music career now that he's done with WWE: "Yeah. The thing about music with me though is that I have to be inspired. I need a muse. I have to have a desire to sit down behind a drum kit or pick up the guitar or do anything, as far as making music goes. When inspiration hits, now that I give it more time, of course I would expect it to be something that I could pay a little more time to."

On the Lemmy documentary and fans of Motorhead in WWE: "No. I’ve seen the Motorhead one, but I haven’t seen the one that was focused on Lemmy himself. My exposure to Motorhead came from my Aunt Sheri. I always dug just how driving they were. And I always chose Motorhead over AC/DC. That was pretty much how that worked for me. Growing up, you either dug Motorhead or you dug AC/DC. But when I got to WWE, it turns out that a few people that I really looked up to were big Motorhead fans. William Regal, Triple H, guys like that. So I got to meet Lemmy once backstage at a WWE event. He and Hunter were just talking in a hallway and all the wrestlers were walking past Lemmy and they had no idea who he was. It broke my damn heart. So I remember interrupting their conversation and I was a little scared that I was gonna offend Hunter, but at the same time, he knew that I was a fan. I said to Lemmy, “Hey man, I just wanna let you know, it’s really f’ing cool to meet you!” And Lemmy chuckled, we shook hands, and I just kept walking. And that was a very cool thing for me. I don’t think anyone else knew who the damn guy was! And they should all be put out to pasture for that."

On the way Lemmy would be treated by those in WWE: "Then you’d watch everyone go into ass kissing mode because they would want to gain favor with Triple H. They’d say, “Oh man! Great to meet you! I really like uh…Ace of Spades!” They would just throw out whatever commercial Motorhead song they thought they knew. I just thought it was cool that Triple H saw the fanboy in me and almost thought it was cool how sheepishly I approached Lemmy to just shake the guy’s hand. And I mean it’s just so cool. That’s a musical icon. That’s a great treasure of the world, Lemmy should be."

On musicians he's met backstage in WWE during the RAW guest host era: "I got to meet the guys from Alter Bridge. They were hanging out with Edge and that was pretty cool. I’ve met George Thorogood through CM Punk. That was really neat. I think there’s a Chicago connection there. Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, got to meet them backstage at RAW. I dug that WWE, for a while, was using really cool musical guests, not just for Wrestlemania. So I would really dig when those people would come around because being a musician, I would watch their soundchecks. And I would just watch how they would finger a chord or how a drummer would hit a particular note somewhere. So I always really, really liked that sort of stuff. I also got to chill with Snoop Dogg in his personal dressing room, but I won’t get into much more! (laughs) But wink, wink, wink!"

On his relationship with Adam "Edge" Copeland: "Adam’s got a unique musical taste. As part of our unique friendship, we don’t really talk about wrestling, but we do talk about other things. And music is definitely on that list. He’s a big Pearl Jam guy too. And he’s a big Foo Fighters guy, that’s his band all day every day."

On wrestlers in WWE who have strong music tastes: "That’s a great question. There’s a lot of guys that I connected with on different levels of music. I remember when I first got to WWE, I wasn’t well-received. I was the new kid in school. And one of our first European tours, we all travel on a bus. Good guys travel on a luxury bus, bad guys travel on a luxury bus. I was on bad guys’ bus. And I remember Chavo Guerrero and Mark Henry were in the back and they had their phones, they were listening to music. They were listening to a lot of good seventies and early eighties disco music and house music. So I opened up a conversation with them about that. So...