Layla 1
Layla El
  • Birthdate: 06/25/1977 (age 39)
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 116 Ib

After attending a performing arts college, El w...

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Here are the latest of Michelle McCool's recent audio posts commenting on various aspects of her career, along with some of the highlights in text form courtesy of

On Tara: "I don't even know where to begin when I talk about her! I can barely say her name without laughing hysterically -- the girl is crazy! I mean, she makes Tommy Dreamer's 'Top Ten,' maybe even 'Top Five,' maybe even top, I'm not sure, crazy person list! Let me tell you: that is an accomplishment! She's a trip. There is not a dull moment with her...I rode with her a lot -- me, Torrie and Lisa. We definitely have stories: from going to the wrong town, hot dogs at the gas station, accidentally leaving my hotel door open in a very creepy, creepy hotel, to people coming into the locker room and... Nevermind! I can't even tell that one!"

On her favorite Tara story: "My favorite story: You know, we always have one of those silly Halloween costumes, we always know we're gonna end up in some type of costume for Halloween. It never fails and they never tell us until the week before, so we're normally out buying costumes on the road. I think it was during the year she was the Sumo Wrestler -- everybody remembers that! But, I was at the mall and I saw this costume and it was a... giant... male... genitalia. It was huge. It blew up: from head-to-toe, and all I can think about is Lisa. I remember sending her a text saying: "I dare you to wear this!" She said: "OMG, I'll totally do it!" So I bought it, brought it to TV and we had a rehearsal that afternoon. No, wait! It was the year she was a banana! So, we go through rehearsal without telling anybody, and right before we come out, she puts on the male genitalia costume and... I literally about wet myself. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. The boss's face, the boys' faces. Needless to say, we shouldn?t have even had a rehearsal, because it was pointless after she came out in that. And she was also told that she better not come out in that later. So, she ended up coming out in a banana suit -- which is just as great. She just lives to make people laugh."

On wrestling against Tara in Tara's last WWE match: "People always ask me what I whispered to her at the end of the match, and I'm always surprised that I didn't get in trouble if apparently everybody saw me whispering in her ear -- which is not a good thing. But, I just remember saying: "Sis, I love you so much and I can't thank you enough." That was just truly an honor. She's definitely a legend in the wrestling business -- and in her own mind, and she'll tell you that! Just totally joking, I say that with love. We had a production meeting that day and I just remember getting up and saying: "In the business, you're lucky, at best, to have a couple of true, good friends. But, for everybody else to like you... that's unheard of." That was the case for Lisa: she was friends with everybody. And I'm not just talking about Superstars and Divas, from crew, ring to catering, she knew everybody by name and she was friends with them. That's just a testimony to her character."

On still being friends with her: "Just yesterday, I got a text from Lisa and she just cracks me up. She always makes me laugh. She's incredible and you know you've found a gem when you can find somebody like that. She makes the best out of life, she lives life to the fullest, she's always smiling, always being goofy -- she lightens up the room and lightens up the mood. Obviously, she's a great wrestler, but more than that, her personality just shines through. She is crazy in the best, most awesome way... ever."

On the formation of LayCool: "It all just kind of happened. They randomly put Layla and I together in some match, and we were pretty good friends at this point, but we weren't near as close as how we ended up before I left. When we went out there on camera, Vince just saw something that he liked. He liked the dynamic of us together and that literally was it. As far as coming up with the name, it was just during the time the media was joining everybody's names together, like Brangelina. So we thought: why not? We're just as cool as these other celebrities, or so we thought in our own minds of course, so we...